Air service

Ahom is a leading logistics company that provides an efficient and reliable air freight service. With an excellent network of dedicated CRM team, We ensures that your goods are safely delivered. Ahom has an arrangement with all the airlines for the transportation of cargo through air and maintain a delivery schedule of 24 to 48 hours at the time of air delivery. We promise a cost effective, safe & secure and on time delivery of your shipment to the desired destination.

Advantages of Ahom Logistics's Express Services:

  • Customized service to suit varied needs.
  • Realtime tracking and updates.
  • Tailored pricing for customers.
  • Door-to-Door / Door-to-Airport Express Logistics.
  • Airport-to-Airport and Airport-to-Door cargo movement.
  • Multimode service - Perfect combination of air and surface modes.
  • Space is arranged in the most optimum way with all domestic carriers.
  • Services are available on Sundays and Holidays.
  • Late pickup and deliveries.
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